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Community Liaison Committee

Following the open-house, a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) has been established for the project. Committee members are responsible for representing local interests and act as a link between the development team and the community. To read the CLC Guidelines, please click here. CLC members include:

Shirley Banfield
Dave Blanchard
Wanda Blanchard
Myles Cornish
Yvonne Davison
Greg McNeil
Dougie Ross
Pete Wilson

The CLC will meet on a regular basis over the coming years. Observers are always welcome to attend the meetings.

August Business Meeting

On August 28th, 2014 a meeting was held to discuss the project with firms and individuals with skills that could be of use to the project. A directory of local skills in the Ellershouse/West Hants area was compiled based off of that meeting. The meeting drew attendees from local construction firms, hotels, individuals and more – a great turnout. While the directory is now complete and being circulated to potential project contributor firms, we encourage any individuals or businesses that feel they could add to the project to reach out to us at

Field Trip to Nuttby Wind Farm

Thank you to CLC members and local residents who attended the field trip to the Nuttby Wind Farm on Saturday December 7, 2013. The trip provided a great opportunity to listen and see turbines in operation as well as better understand the layout of a wind farm site. A big thank you goes to our knowledgeable guide, Steve McRae, who is the wind farm operator and a long-time local resident of the Nuttby area.

The Nuttby Wind Farm is a 45MW, 22 turbine wind farm located between Truro and Tatamagouche and has been in operation since 2010.

Below are some pictures taken near and on the Nuttby Wind Farm site.

Field trip attendees standing about 1km from the turbines

Nuttby Wind Farm

Group entering a turbine


Meeting Agendas

Meeting Agenda October 30 2013
Meeting Agenda November 13 2013
Meeting Agenda January 7 2014
Meeting Agenda February 25 2014
Meeting Agenda June 24 2014

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes October 30 2013
Meeting Minutes November 13 2013
Environmental Assessment Presentation – Strum Consulting - November 2013
Meeting Minutes January 7 2014
Meeting Minutes February 25 2014
Meeting Minutes June 24 2014
Meeting Minutes September 23 2014  


Community Liaison Committee Guidelines

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