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This project is subject to a provincial Environmental Assessment and a municipal Development Agreement process. Studies and research for the Environmental Assessment must demonstrate that impacts on residents, wildlife and the environment have been minimized. The Development Agreement process ensures the project complies with local planning strategies. Below is more information on these approval processes.

Environmental Assessment Process

The purpose of the Environmental Assessment is to identify environmental effects at an early stage in project development. The Environmental Assessment report provides and assesses data regarding areas of ecological and public sensitivities. The project attempts to avoid identified sensitive areas and minimize the effects on the environment.

The Environmental Assessment is evaluated by Nova Scotia Environment and other applicable government departments and is open to public comment during the review period. The Nova Scotia Minister will only approve the Environmental Assessment once these conditions are satisfied.

The process includes the following steps:

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The Environmental Assessment for the project was registered with Nova Scotia Environment on December 19, 2013 and Approval was granted by the Nova Scotia Minister of Environment on February 17, 2014. To view a copy of the Environmental Assessment as well as the Minister's decision, please visit:

Municipality of the District of West Hants Development Agreement Process

Under West Hants’ Municipal Planning Strategy, utility-scale wind turbines are subject to Development Agreement (see section 4.22 in the Municipal Planning Strategy). Pending an approval of the Environmental Assessment, the Development Agreement application will be submitted to the Municipality.

Below are the steps included in the Development Agreement process:


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